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QNAP TS-809U-RP & Bit-level VS File level

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Long story short, this may end up being our backup solution. I figure with 8 cuda 7200.11's (1.5TB) we'd have 9.5TB with 1 hot swappable and one spare. We currently have an LTO1 which we've outgrown. Daily incrementals are about 130GB and weekly Fulls take 2 200/400 tapes. I'm sure we could use this even as a DAS solution, but, am more concerned with using 2 and solving our offsite storage solution as well. My question is from experience what ratio difference is there from bit-level incrementals vs file level? If there's not much of a difference I don't think backing up 130GB/night via T1 would be effective. Maybe if we upgraded to a T3, but, there comes a monthly upcharge. It's hard enough getting the talking heads to part with 3K, much less 6K and an extra $500/mo. Anyway, just wondered if anyone has any input from a corporate standpoint, and apologies for not doing my due diligance first, but, I kind of need an answer quickly and will be coming in this weekend to swap tapes 4 times from 10PM tonight (2 for backup/2 verify), which hopefully will be finished before Sunday night...

Maybe I should expound. Can anyone tell me the typical savings in incrementals that are byte-level based VS. block level or other conventional backup methods? I read some places it was 50:1, some 20-30% savings. Do any of you have experience with that, or am I in the wrong place?

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