QNAP Unveils QBoat Sunny, a Single-Board IoT Mini Server for IoT Developers

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Mr. Easy
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Taipei, Taiwan, November 14, 2017 – QNAP® Systems (QNAP®) today launched the all-new QBoat Sunny, a small and powerful single-board Internet of Things (IoT) mini server for IoT developers. QBoat Sunny can connect to versatile IoT development boards, devices and applications, and be used as a server for small-scale/private IoT applications, or a fog computing node/gateway in large-scale/public IoT environments. [Full release]


Mr. Easy
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This will be available in U.S. in December.


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Annapurna Labs AL-314 processor

I believe this is the same one they use in their NAS, so with this one is able to get the QTS experience without the NAS hardware. Not bad for $169.


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QIoT suite in App Center - as QBoat is ARM based, also look at the Container Station support...

(Intel based QNAP's can also run Virtualization Station)

Nice platform anyways for folks that don't need to get into the metal, but more focused on IoT type applications

Screenshot 2017-11-25 at 8.35.40 AM.png

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