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I'm expecting my new RT-AX88U router tomorrow and whilst I'm pretty familiar with most of the setups I shall be using (e.g., the scripts on amtm), I could do with some advice on which type of QoS to use, e.g., the original ASUS QoS, FreshJR or the one I've spotted recently, i.e., Cake (which I know nothing about).

My service is with Plusnet and I generally get about 58-60 Mbps download and 15-17 Mbps upload. The network is a mixture of laptops, security cameras, TV's and mobile phones, plus an xBox1 that my son uses occasionally for on-line gaming. There are also a couple of TomTom sat navs which update via Wi-Fi. The laptops are used for general surfing, watching youtube videos and work (via a VPN provided by my employer). The mobiles are also used for watching videos. The TV's are used for streaming from Netflix/Amazon Prime and videos stored on my Synology Diskstation.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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I recommend FlexQoS the successor of FreshJrQoS. I also have an RT-AX88U and it works great. However there is an issue how tc works compared to older Asus routers: make sure you reboot the router once you are done with the configuration of FlexQoS.


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If your goal is to have ability to prioritize your lan traffic by host and/or protocol than Cake will not help you. However you have 2 other choices. First as it was mentioned FlexQoS and Traditional QoS. Both will be able to accomplish that requirement. If however you are only interested in general QoS to manage your latency and jitter across all devices you can use Cake or Bandwidth Limiter.

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