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QoS settings won't stick (Voxel), effectively no QoS available.

Alex Kampas

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I have been using Voxel's excellent firmware and I am grateful for this.

The only problem I have (and I had the same issue with the stock firmware, regardless of version) is with QoS.

The main issue is that when I choose a priority for a connected device, set it and save, when I click again, it is set back to what it was (usually to low). As such I cannot change the priority which renders the whole point of QoS null.

Additionally, since after I installed Voxel's firmware, the router cannot do a speed test anymore. I click to start, and everything is greyd out.

Any help (mainly for the former issue) would be great. The problem is so large that when my server (whom I want at lowest priority) downloads files (cloud backups/restores) my Smart TV (which I want at highests) pauses playback from BBC iPlayer and only resumes if I stop the server. This should not be happening.

Thank you


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Does this happen with different browsers? Try IE11, FF or Opera.
Try a factory reset on the router and setup from scratch. Still happen after this?


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I am not sure regarding whole QoS but speed test is rather problem of OOKLA itself or NG:


Above link is regarding stock firmware.

A firmware for XR500 was released that fixed the speedtest last week, so I imagine one will be pushed to the R7800 as well. It also included a fix for disconnections from Qualcomm, so I imagine that will be pushed to the R7800 too as its the same chipset.

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