Qualcomm WiFi 6E Access Point with 4k QAM

Cosmin Cazan

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Qualcomm has announced 4k QAM rates (20% faster than current Wi-Fi 6 / 6e MCS11 rate) a couple of years ago. Does anyone know of any product (router / access point) that supports this?
It would probably be something that only works between Qualcomm-Qualcomm devices as 4k QAM rates are not part of current gen Wi-Fi spec (it will be part of the apec in Wi-Fi 7)



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I did some checks about this awhile go and sad conclusions is only the China/Chinese routers and phones enabled 4k QAM.

Why is this so?
Qualcomm is being misleading partially?


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It's one thing to enable 4K QAM. But it's a very different thing to actually make use of it. More constellation points require lower EVM, which requires better performance from all parts of the RF chain.

Like 512 and 1024 QAM before it, 4K QAM is mostly about marketing. You can achieve the highest link rates only with very strong signal and well-designed devices on both ends of the link.

Both the mobile and Wi-Fi industries are way out over their skis when they talk about higher bandwidth. Look at how 5G is largely empty promises and misleading marketing. Wi-Fi 7 will be more of the same.

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