Query about ZenWiFi AX

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I am considering getting this but I want to add it to my network system, like have my existing router do all the routing and have the 2 ZenWifi as access points and them connecting to each other as a wireless dedicated backhaul.

So I would have the set up Modem ---> Existing Router -- > Zen Wifi AX ------- > Zen Wifi Ax.

Can I do that?


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Yes. You just place them in AP Mode.

Just make sure your existing router has good throughput. When I was finally able to get Fiber at 1Gbit I found a number of routers that I tried (Orbi, Eero, Ubiquiti, etc.) all had problems even when wired of not slicing between 30% - 50% of my speed in "overhead". Either bad routing chips, firmware that did too much and pulled too much speed, or just crappy components.

However, the better news is that when your existing router fails (note I say when not if), you have a backup router that is already on your network just waiting to be turned on.
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I thought the OP is asking for the two Zenwifi AX as APs to be connected via dedicated wireless backhaul? Does the AP mode support dedicated wireless backhaul? I thought I will need to place one in AP and one as a repeater for that.......


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I have my two zen XT8s in AP mode with wireless backhaul between the two.


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Yeah wanting them both to be AP's and wireless backhaul between them similar how you can do it with the Orbi. But noticed a few comments on this forum and you lose the backhaul if both set to AP's

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