Query: Wifi security on a daisy chained router with 2015 firmware

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My Q) Considering that the wifi security on Trendent is WEP2-AES. And the front end security is taken care by the Asus, is there any security risk with using the old firmware on the Trendnet? Details below.

Due to the limitations I have on the routers I own currently and what family expectation I have the following config: Asus RT86U as primary router with latest Merlin firmware (386.2_6). Family is on primary ASUS wifi SSID. Std security setup (WDS, UPNP disabled, Trend micro enabled etc.)

A TP-Link AC750 Travel router (TL-WR902AC) configured as a client bridge (does not broadcast wifi) and connects to a 5g isolated guest SSID on ASUS. TP link feeds signal to the WAN port of a Trendnet TEW-881DRU (2015 firmware, no updates available) that broadcasts that signal for my devices on new SSIDs. I have 2 piholes running on Trendnet.

I am not seeing any performance issues as my pings are almost same as when I connect to Asus directly, and I get ~100mbps bw (limited by the 100mpbs port on the Tp-Link. I have a 120mpbs down and 6mpps up connection.

NOTE 1: Tp-Link can be connected in repeater mode / hotspot mode where it re-broadcasts the Asus 5g signal on its own SSIDs, and can have piholes as DNS with static IP. But since it’s a nano travel router, its signal is not very strong…

NOTE 2: I tried to upgrade the Trendent to latest DD-wrt, but that firmware is buggy. In repeater / hotspot mode, devices cant connect to the 5g virtual AP signal and static IP functionality is also defective. So I reverted back to official but really old firmware from 2015.

So thoughts? And suggestions to improve security …

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