question about AImesh traffic path

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I have two RT-AX86u's in aimesh, connected together with a regular 1gbs ethernet link

If I plug in my NAS which has a 2.5gb ethernet jack to the 2.5gb port on the aimesh NODE (second router), and I have several clients also connected to the aimesh node (secondary router), will I be able to use this 2.5gb of bandwidth? I'm worried that the packets travel "back and forth" to the aimesh primary router and then back again to the clients on the secondary node, at which point I would be limited by my 1gbs link between the primary and secondary aimesh routers.

tl;dr when multiple clients are connected to an aimesh node, do they all communicate through the same node or do packets have to travel back and forth to the primary aimesh router?


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Connect your NAS to the device that you want to have priority. The limiting factor between root router and node is the connection be it WIFI or Ethernet.
If I had your setup I would connect the NAS to the router.

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