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Great post :)

I have build the first firmware for an ax88u following the instructions mentioned here, however in a second attempt (from scratch) I have tried to change "IPSEC_SRVCLI_ONLY=SRV" by "IPSEC_SRVCLI_ONLY=CLI" in release/src-rt/target.mak in order to get available in the GUI the site to site ipsec option (as I saw it here), but the built results in totally missed the IPSEC option in the gui.

Is there anyone using this option and can help me to get it working?

Thanks in advance.
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I would appreciate If anyone could let me know if there is any additional step to take into account after modify target.mak to get the built with the related options.
I have tried again from scratch and the outcome have been the same :(, so no IPSEC option in the gui....

Thanks in advance


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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to make a custom build in order to test the ipsec site to site functionality in a AX88U. Searchin in the forum, I found a post where it was mentioned that it can be achieved changing "IPSEC_SRVCLI_ONLY=SRV" by "IPSEC_SRVCLI_ONLY=CLI" in release/src-rt/target.mak, but the built simply results in missing the IPSEC option in the gui.

I have been unable to find out any other information about this in the forum, so would appreciate any help for:

1- Know if there is any special step to have in mind when target.mak is modified and before do the make.
2- If anyone has modified the IPSEC_SRVCLI_ONLY option in 386.2 and has been able to build it successfully.


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