Question about DNS for you Pro's

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Hey guys quick questions.

1. Should I change the DNS servers on my ax88u or by device?

2. When I do change it on my rig per internet settings, lets say cloud flare. I can not log into my ax88u, the ax88u has the same cloud fare DNS server numbers?

3. What do you guys recommend?

Thanks in advance guys.


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Put your desired DNS servers in the WAN DNS server fields. The router will forward DNS requests to these servers.

Leave your LAN DHCP Server DNS fields empty so that the router IP will be given to the clients as the DNS server. Clients will then be able to resolve hostnames from your LAN devices (including and everything else will be forwarded to the WAN DNS servers.

If you need special DNS handling for any devices (children, IOT), then use DNSFilter for that device.

Public DNS servers cannot resolve But the router's own DNS server can, so that's why you cannot reach that name when clients directly use a public DNS server, or get forced to a public DNS server via DNSFilter.


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Hey dave,

I did do WAN DNS server thing.

My LAN DHCP Server DNS fields are empty.

If I add the CF dns servers to my rig, thats when I can not get into my ax88u. As soon as I go back to auto, I can get into it again?

Thanks for the fast reply.


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1. Should I change the DNS servers on my ax88u or by device?
If some of these devices are mobile (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) and will be used on other (WiFi/cellular) networks, you might want to configure DNS on the device itself.

(I use NextDNS and configure it on both my router and my mobile devices)

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