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Question about mixing AC88 and AX88 routers for media bridge

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Not sure if this is the correct group to post...apologies if not.

Until last week I had RT-AC88U set as AP (in my home office) and a RT-AC88U set as Media Bridge (in my lounge) for all home theatre components. Worked wonderfully and fast transfers, etc.
However, the lounge RT-AC88U died (RIP), so I replaced the unit for the newer RT-AX88U (just the one for now).

My questions are these.

Should I directly replace the dead Media Bridge unit with the AX, or the existing AP unit? So putting the AX as the 'Sender' or the 'Receiver', for want of a better analogy?
Which do you suggest? Keep in mind that the other remaining AC unit will eventually be replaced...

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usually the best router will sit in front of your line, thats the new AX.
It would be waste of power and money to use it as AP or Bridge.
usually the best router will sit in front of your line, thats the new AX.
It would be waste of power and money to use it as AP or Bridge.
So, in the scheme of things, how would this setup now be?

Current Setup:
Currently, the VDSL Modem (Bridge Mode) is connected to the existing RT-AC88U Router (set as AP) that also signs into the Internet provider (ISP) and is also connected to the study computer. The VDSL modem also has a Gigaset VoIP phone attached.
In the Lounge, for home theatre system, the (now dead) RT-AC88U (was set as Media Bridge utilising 5GHz band) has 8 components attached.

How would this now be set up with the new AX?

replace dead 88 with the other one and use AX as router. Maybe repeater mode for 88U is even better than bridge mode as it will offer extended wifi and LAN ports.
The AX88U should be connected in bridge or in PPPoE passthrough mode to the VDSL mode and it should be setup as setup as router.
The AC88U should be set as Media Bridge
I set up everything today, and initially checking the Wireless Log, the numbers were quite high regarding RX and TX...

However, on double checking everything, I found I had no internet! Then when I reconnected everything according to the weird AiMesh Step by Step guide Asus has put out....nothing worked! No Internet on the system, and no Meshing, etc.
So I factory reset the AX Router in the Study, factory reset the second AX Router (which was finally available for pick up today) in the lounge, and factory reset the now relocated to the bedroom AC88 router...
Now I have internet working, it will not connect with the AiMesh Node in the lounge – which was absolutely no problem with the previous AC or then AX routers.

Currently, the Settings and IP's are as follows...

Office: TG-789 (iiNet ISP supplied) VDSL Modem (NBN) – Bridge Mode – 10.1.1.xx

Office: RT-AX88U – Wireless router mode / AiMesh Router mode (Default) – 192.168.xx.1

Lounge: RT-AX88U – AiMesh Node – 192.168.xx.80

Bedroom: RT-AC88U – AiMesh Node – 192.168.xx.43

Any suggestions on how to re-setup to improve it all....?

Note: My Previous settings with the 2 AC88U's and 1 AC68U were....

Office: TG-789 (iinet supplied) VDSL Modem (NBN) – Bridge Mode – 10.1.1.xx

Office: RT-AC88U – Access Point (AP)/AiMesh Router mode (Default) – 10.1.1.xx + VoIP Phone

Lounge: RT-AC88U – Media Bridge – 10.1.1.xx <--- This one died!

Bedroom: RT-AC68U – Media Bridge – 10.1.1.xx
What "will not connect with the AiMesh Node in the lounge" ?
How is the lounge ax-88u node connected with the ax-88u master router?
What "will not connect with the AiMesh Node in the lounge" ?
How is the lounge AX-88U node connected with the AX-88U master router?

The principal/main AiMesh Router (RT-AX88U), in the study (connected to the modem and the PC), would suddenly not find/see/notice the RT-AX Router (factory reset) in the close by lounge (they are about 7 feet apart, through one wall, when all setup), in order to "attach" it as an AiMesh Node - once I got the internet to connect, in the study, with the main router.

The lounge AiMesh Node (AX88U), was supposed to be "found" when scanning with the main AiMesh Router, and attached accordingly. It found the bedroom Node (which is a lot further away - about 20 feet, and through 2 walls), without any problems, and a good strong signal.

It had all worked in the previous set-up, with good strong signals. Only now I am not able to reproduce the working setup, when using the AX88U as the main (Principle) Router and attach the modem.

My suspicion, for what it is, is that the Modem (Bridge Mode – 10.1.1.xx) and main AX88U Router (Wireless router mode / AiMesh Router mode (Default) – 192.168.xx.1) are not matched correctly, but I am not certain what to do...
Factory reset the lounge node again.
When it has finished booting up try searching for it again through the main routers aimesh fumction

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