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Question about multiple 5Ghz networks . Asus GT-AXE16000

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Hi all,
I have quite a few devices at home and currently have the following setup with my GT-AXE16000 router (running merlin):

2.4GHz network for IoT / smart home stuffs
5Ghz -1 - main for devices that don't support 6ghz
5GHz - 2 - unused
6GHz - used by my laptop

My question is, is there a way to use both 5GHz channels as a single channel for better bandwith and such or should I just disable 5GHz-2? If there's a way to merge them for better bandwidth/performance how do I do that? Just rename them both to the same name? Any potential issues I should be aware about?
PS> love this community, dont post much but read quite a bit :)
i have my two 5GHz using the same SSID and see no problems. some clients pick one, some clients pick the other.
one 5Ghz is on channel 149 (higher transmit power i believe) the other is on "Auto"
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is there a way to use both 5GHz channels as a single channel for better bandwith and such

Technology doesn't that. There's little to no chance that will ever be an option.
As @ugandy is saying, use the same SSID for all radios and let Smart Connect do the balancing. That actually work really well for me, it balances the clients nearly perfect. Including the 6GHz ones. With default Smart Connect rules.
Also, a bonus is 5GHz radio2 will likely choose a higher channel, subject to DFS but with higher power (at least in Europe). So you'll see quite a benefit.

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