Question about Nat Acceleration with ASUS 88u

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Danny brooks

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Hi all new to the form.

First off iv had the 68u for about 4 years now with Merlin FW and absolutely love it so a big thank you to Merlin for this great upgrade.

Now iv been scratching my head about 1 problem for years and that is Nat Acceleration
With it on I’ll get full isp speeds of 350/20 in most cases 400-380 down which is a bonus BUT some devices won’t connect or randomly drop out and timer scheduling didn’t work.

With Nat Acceleration off all devices will connect but won’t reach speeds greater than 180 down, looking around on this form it seems to be a known problem. So if I upgraded to the ASUS 88u or 5300 with latest Merlin will it be a problem to? As I would like full speeds and reliable timer scheduling.

On a side note i did also buy lately a netgear xr500 “The gaming router” thinking it will give me full speeds/working parental controls and VPN.... No the xr500 is rubbish in features compared to ASUS routers. The only thing it has going for it is the geo filter to help reduce ping in online games.


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Any home router with acceleration off will struggle to get over 150M so with 180M you are doing well.

As an aside, the RT-AC88U and RT-AC5300 are basically the same unit with an extra radio so definitely no gain!

The RT-AX88U and RT-AC86U have updated processors so you may see some improvement, but I doubt it will be much.

The problem is home based internet only recently became normal to have speeds over 100M so routers aimed at this market just don’t have the horsepower to handle insanely high speeds AND offer all functions. You’d need a commercial grade router to do it (with a price tag to match!).

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Depending what your timers are for, you could script it to bounce the WAN interface just after the scheduled block and that will kill and sessions.
Downside is users you are not blocking also get a 10 second blip.

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