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Question about office programs I can use with a NAS

Discussion in 'General NAS Discussion' started by K B Tidwell, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. K B Tidwell

    K B Tidwell New Around Here

    Dec 9, 2018
    Hi all, new user and first post here.

    I'm planning my first NAS setup. Up to now I've primarily used Google Drive for what backing up I do, but my internet service has too-slow upload speeds. Aside from wanting to totally control my data, that's the biggest reason for me to install a NAS.

    As a writer I've tried many, many different writing-centric programs, and I actually like Google Docs pretty well. It's clean and quick-syncing, but it of course stores everything online. Yes, I sync it with a drive on my computer, but I want to completely depart from Google. I don't want any of my stuff online.

    I feel I'll end up going back to Scrivener which is a thoroughly fine writing program, but it's a very heavy program too with a lot of overhang I just don't need. It's capable of doing everything writing-related, but I'm more compartmentalized than that so I store my writing resources and such in OneNote. I want a pretty light yet comprehensive writing program to use with my NAS setup.

    As far as OneNote goes, I found and experimented extensively with Cherry Tree and it's a worthy replacement. I was put off by it originally because it syncs the entire file I'm working on every time it syncs. That was terrible with my slow upload, so I went back to OneNote which syncs only the pieces of the total file that you've actually changed, as Docs does. Makes syncing infinitely faster, and the NAS will remove that problem with Cherry Tree so I'm good on the note storage half of my system.

    So after all of this, does anyone have experience with an offline writing program comparable to Google Docs' functionality without being really bloated, or perhaps an online writing app that can store all of my files offline?