question about the checkbox for b/g protection

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Hello there. I am running an RT-AC68U overclocked to 1400-800 on johns fork rev. 47D9 and I have a question about running older G mode devices on a modern N/AC network. So, other then 1 single printer which is a wireless G Brother brand print scan copier I have all N mode devices on the 2.4G side of things. No A mode devices to speak of. I understand that having even a single G mode device will degrade performance for the rest of the N mode devices or at least it use to be that way back in the day when all there was was B or G. at that time I believe that having a wireless B device would slow down the G devices.
Is this still the case with merlin and/or Johns fork? If this is still true then what exactly does the b/g checkbox do? all it says is that it allows B/G devices to connect to the router without effecting N mode devices, It does not say how this works. does it change the mcs rate or dome other trickery? however there is a penalty for using the check box which is that it increases the routers workload. So my second question is, with the checkbox checked does this penalty apply at all times or does it only apply when a B or G mode device is currently using the network? Does it apply even when a g mode device is connected, but in an idle state not being used?
Third question, if this penalty is significant enough, would I be better off using one of my extra routers as a wireless G access point to mitigate the whole issue entirely? I have quite a few unused routers laying around doing nothing. So it would be very little work to add a G only access point but i need to know if it would help speed to my AC68U because this poor thing is slow enough as it is being taxed with running unbound and diversion and skynet and all the other voodoo built into routers these days. btw my 256mb swapfile has only ever beed used up to 62mb at the maximum size but normally sits around 2-5mb used day to day.

Thank you all in advance.

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