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Question about Traffic Monitor / Statistic


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I think the monitor shows the CURRENT data ... while the statistics tab shows a HISTORY of the traffic.

My problem is rather that the statistic tab shows NOTHING ... Have already deactivated NAT acceleration (as is often advised on the Internet).

I have the location for the history on a USB stick. Attached are a few screenshots - maybe someone can help me, why I don't have a statistics tab? Respectively. why this always shows me the same :(
The Traffic Monitor itself works perfect...

I also tried "Create or reset data files" and wait 2 days... but still no statistic...

Any help is apriciated :)




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Hello again :)

Can someone help me get the Traffic Analyzer up and running?
The Monitor is running... but i can not see any clients :(
And the statistic tab is totaly empty !

I would really like to be able to see the statistics, history, apps, etc.
Or the respective bandwidth of my devices in the WLAN etc.

- I activated "App analysis" in Adaptive QoS ... Generally activated QoS.
- I have activated the "IP Traffic (per IP Monitor)" in the other settings.
- I restarted the router and waited a few days to collect data.

But nothing is shown to me :(

I use spd merlin for Speedtest, but I have deactivated it at the moment
maybe I should uninstall this script completely?

Any help is welcome :(


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Traffic Monitor (Merlin enhancements) vs. Traffic Analyzer (Trend Micro DPI) store their data in different locations and are subject to nuances depending on QOS, and hardware acceleration settings.

By enabling per IP Monitoring, IIRC, you disable all hardware acceleration. You may not want to enable that option.

Its interesting that your screenshots for Traffic Monitor look more like the Trend Micro Traffic Analyzer screens.

For Traffic Monitor, make sure you have created the files and are storing them somewhere that survives reboots.

For Traffic Analyzer. make sure you opted in to the Trend Micro privacy policy and Turn it on.

After re-reading you post, I don't think I'm much use here but will follow. However, I dont think spdMerlin is the cause.
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Hello and thank you for the answer with the tips.

I have now deactivated "IP Traffic (via IP Monitor)".
I also created and selected the same folder in jffs / traffic.
I deleted the spdmerlin script... total empty jffs/addons folder !!

There are two tabs under the Trend Micro Traffic Analyzer screen (left menu).
One is the "Traffic Monitor" and the other is the "Statistc" tab.
This are the two tabs which are not working at my Router...

The Trend Micro privacy policy is of course also activated.
I checked all settings again, restarted and gave the router some time to collect data.

NOTHING ... I get no data, no statistics ... I cannot display apps or assign traffic to the individual devices :(
I'm grateful for any help ...
Otherwise, maybe only a reset and completely reset everything will help?!?! :(

I also tried this
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@Kamikaze01 I know you're talking about the Traffic Analyzer but there was a recent thread discussing a similar problem with the Traffic Monitor. In that case the lack of data appeared to be caused by using an IPTV setup on the router's WAN connection. Are you using IPTV?


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No IPTV on my WAN.
But streaming some russian TV via an App on my android Box (https://chas.tv) from time to time.
I don't think this cause the problem...

Anyway - I will try a factory reset and look if this solve my problem :-/
I will first try the reset and see if it works.
And then I will restore my settings and see if it still works...
If NOT - it must be a setting problem of mine and I will set up everything new step by step and look what causes the problem... eg VPN Settings, DDNS with Let's Encrypt, static IP settings, Guest WLAN, Port forwarding, ...

Tank you for your help anyway.
I will report back when I found the problem.

Kind regards


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even with a fresh factory reset, i got no data in my table...
i give up... i do not have these feature :(

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