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Question about upgrading router, for you pro's.

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At&t is offering 2 gig fiber in my area, at the moment I have 1 gig with another local provider, GigabitNow (Sifi Networks)

If I decide to go witht he At&t 2 gig option, would I need to upgrade my RT-AX86U for a newier model?

I know I would need to put the At&t router they give in pass thru/bridge mode, so I could use the my own router, I know that the dumb switch method does not really work with the new at&t routers.

What recommendations would you give for a new Asus router?

Thanks in advance.
If you want that new 2Gbps service available to wired clients in your network, then the GT-AX6000 is needed/recommended.

If you only want (up to) that 2Ggps service available to wireless clients, you can continue using the RT-AX86U.
Thank you so much for your Reply, L&LD.
Could also wait for AX88U PRO or TUF-AX6000, but the GT-AX6000 will have better sales since it's a year older.

All 3 AX6000 models are dual 2.5G + 4x 1G Switch.

  • AX88U PRO only has 1 USB 3.0 port, 1GB RAM.
  • TUF-AX6000 is 1 3.0 USB port and 512MB RAM
  • GT-AX6000 is 1 3.0 USB, 1 2.0 USB and 1GB RAM. $329 MSRP, $289.99 sale on amazon.

Alternatively GT-AX11000 PRO ($450 USD) for a triband solution. (2.5 + 10G ports).

YMMV if the newer units perform better for 5G range than your previous AX86U. Seems to go either way based on subjective environmental factors/EMI.
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i went from 1g to 2gig and TBH i noticed no difference to any device. Even a few games the latency/downloads etc nothing to justify the extra money. So now i downgraded to 1gig and its all good. Sometimes you need to ask what is my purpose for higher speeds most house need much less speed than they think.

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