Question Does the main PC need antennas?


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I recently hooked my grandparent's pc back up after they had it fixed. It is hooked up to the router by an Ethernet cord. This I already knew. But there were also two antennas in the back for the wifi (very loose and broke when I tried to tighten them.). Our WiFi has always had problems. Is this what is causing the issues? Are their antennas causing the interference with the rest of the wifi? Because the internet provider insists there are no issues.

Keith Gorham

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I do not think it could cause issue with other devices, but if wifi was enabled on the computer it could cause issues with that computer. Best to go into the setttings and disable the wifi adapters just to be sure.


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Make sure that you don't have wifi-sharing turned on. If you aren't broadcasting, then there should be no interference from the local WiFi card. If you're already hard-wired then I don't see an an issue with Keith's suggestion above to disable the local wifi card to make sure.

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