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Question on AImesh nodes and ssids..

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I haven't seen my question answered yet anywhere else here.

I have a GTAX11000 as the main router, a RT-AX3000 and a RTax88U as 2 mesh nodes. I have found that the ax3000 is transmitting 2 different ssid (2.4g and 5g) than the main router, and not passworded. Wifi analyzer shows the ssid, but I can not connect to them normally on the phone.
How do I access the node setting page? And if I can do that, should I rename the SSID to the main router's SSID? I do want the same network for handing off to devices closer to whichever node.
They are all 3 wired together, ethernet backhaul,

Your network is not setup properly, or is not in AiMesh mode. You don't normally have the option to change SSID's otherwise.

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