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Question on Logs on GT-AXE 1600

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On the GT-AXE 16000 when the log file reaches a certain amout of Bytes does it reset itself?
I can set log level to make the entries not be logged but I preferr to see whats going on
In the matter of hours I have a ton of entries, the 12 byes missing ones as well as the wclevent disconnecting
and connecting.

Do I need to impliment the set log level to 4 or will the log file reset itself without crashing the router?



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You don't need to change the log level unless you want to see less messages. The log file is specific size and the log entries will rotate never exceeding the file size. I don't know what size is the log file on GT-AXE16000, but the router will definitely not crash because of too many log entries.

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