Questions regarding Client list view and Traffic Analyzer

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New Around Here
I had issues where Comcast was reporting a higher data usage than my previous router (R7800).
I picked up an RT-AC86U as I wanted the ability to track data usage per device.

First question:
Under the Cllient list, some of the icons shows a superscript and the hover indicates 2 devices are connected through this.
I noticed all my Tivo devices are like this. I'd like to know what this indicates, since I never considered the Tivo having an internal switch.

Second question:
Coming from the R7800, I initially thought that the Asus-merlin firmware might also have the bandwidth limit kill switch, where WAN is disabled when you hit a certain threshhold.
Seems like I got the per device traffic tracker at the cost of the bandwidth kill switch.
Is there an easy way to add the bandwidth kill switch?
Adding the per device tracking on the R7800 seemed pretty involved, which is why I switched over to the 86U.

Thank you.

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