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R6700V3 doesn't show D-Link DAP-1522 access point / bridge

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New Around Here

Just setup a R6700V3 to replace an 8 year old D-Link 655. Roku Premiere was killing the 655 every 4-24 hours.

My Windows 10 PC connects via ethernet to a D-Link DAP-1522 access point set to bridge mode.

R6700V3 shows my Windows 10 PC but does not show the DAP-1522.

Afraid to turn on MAC filtering without being able to select the DAP-1522.

Kinda scary knowing there is a device on the network that the router is not showing.

Posted this on the Netgear board and got no response :(


Possible that the DAP masks it's IP address from the NG router when in bridge mode. It doesn't show in the NG connected client list at all?

Can you find the DAPs web page here?
http://dlinkap or in a web browser.
Thx for the reply, that was fast :)

Accessing via dlinkap or .50 is a no go on chrome, ff and edge.

The 1522 did show on my d-link 655.

It works, my pc plugged into the 1522 shows up in the router, just the 1522 does not show up.

Possible some minor host name handskake/handling between the NG and the DAP. Something that the NG doesn't do well.

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