R7800 800Mbps band selection for client

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I was trying to expand the network and had got a repeater capable of connecting at 800Mbps on std band as it has 4 antenna's spatial stream capable of 800Mbps on 2.4ghz and 1733 on 5GHz with 4x4 mu mimo.

i can get the 5GHZ 1733 Mbps connection rate but due to repeater function i cant even get 100+ mbps on clients using 5ghz.

I thought of connecting to 2.4ghz but the max link rate is set to 283Mbps for some reason. but i could now get 180Mbps average from 90 avg when connecting to 5ghz.

Normally repeater used to connect both bands and repeat but now these are changed and trying to balance with max connect and get that advantage of 5ghz bandwidth



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okay i do see the 20/40 co-existence will throttle to 347 but i am getting 200+ mbps on this both enabled. When setting this off only getting 100Mbps even when link rate is 700Mbps and drops to 585Mbps

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