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Hi all,

When running, my R7800 from 2017 is working better than ever with the latest Voxel firmware.
However, after 4 years of hard work it ran into the issue that it doesn't retain its settings after a long power down (~15 minutes or more).
Normally this is not a problem, but as I'm doing electrical work in the house this now occurs quite often.
And configuring the router, then uploading the backup and doing a final reboot is quite a cumbersome process.

So, my question is, is there an easy/fast backup upload page / command so I can upload my backup file immediately and not have to reconfigure the R7800 basic settings first?
This would be really helpful :)


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Hmm seems to be an acceptable solution if it gets really bad. But I don't like it that removes the factory reset and that the backup is gone after every fw upgrade.
Mine only loses its settings after a 15m power down, so it usually survives just fine with minor power outages.

So if there is no early backup upload page, is there maybe an option to skip the initial setup and just go to the backup page with everything on default?
My main issue is that I have to enter all wifi/passw settings just to get to the backup tab that overwrites these settings again.


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You can use the script simply to backup your settings (without the boot fix) to USB and when you lose your data, restore it using nvram restore FILENAME.

without the script, you can directly use nvram backup FILENAME
Then just type nvram restore FILENAME when you need to restore it.

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