R7800 Share network folder without user/password


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I am using a R7800 with Voxels FW (currently V1.0.2.84SF) and an USB-HDD attached.
At ReadyShare, Advanced Settings, is a network folder called "Medienserver" created with Read and Write Access "All - no password":

Available Network Folders
Share NameRead AccessWrite AccessFolder NameVolume NameTotal SpaceFree Space
\\readyshare\USB_1adminadminU:\2TB_WD1833.75 GB916.78 GB
\\readyshare\MedienserverAll - no passwordAll - no passwordU:\Medienserver2TB_WD1833.75 GB916.78 GB

The Linux permissions are:
drwxrwxrwx   11 admin    admin        4096 Oct 16 13:46 Medienserver
In addition to that I activated the media server on the R7800, but that doesn't make a difference.

Why can't I access the folder "Medienserver" without any credentials?
I am very sure some time ago my Kodi was able to access this folder via smb without any user/password. Now a few month and some Kodi and R7800 updates later, Kodi always asks me for a user/password. So I have to enter the admin credentials in Kodi to access this folder :confused:


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Just deleted the share \\readyshare\Medienserver and recreated it. Now the access with guest (no password) works again.

So I think this thread can be remove...

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