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R7800 with OpenDNS filtering

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Netgear newb question here:

I have an R7800 running Voxel

I am using OpenDNS Home for content filtering. (The configurable version that is tied to my public IP address, not the pre-configured Family Shield.)

I am looking for a way to notify OpenDNS when my dynamic IP address changes, without having to run their updater program on a PC.

In the past, I used dnsomatic for this purpose. The Asus router I was using had built-in support for dnsomatic. The R7800 does not appear to have it.

Is there a way to do something similar with the R7800? I am fine with telneting into the router to setup scripts and config files if needed. I just don't know where to start. My searches just find discussion regarding dnscrypt, which is not what I'm looking for. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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I happen to have a Synology Diskstation which is on all the time, so I used that to do it rather than install a client. I use https://www.dnsomatic.com/ to handle both my DNS and the OpenDNS IP address updates. They have an API, so maybe it could be done via a cron job.
Thanks, but I don't have any device on site that is running 24/7 except the router. My PC is a laptop which connects to different networks at different locations. I'd really like to setup a ddns client on the router that can update OpenDNS/dnsomatic.

I've discovered inadyn, which is a ddns client that supports many ddns services including dnsomatic:

To install that, it looks like I need to setup Entware as discussed in the Voxel readme:

So, unless someone knows of an easier way, I'll try to work my way through this when I have time.
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