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R7800 X4s + TG799 - wifi drop offs

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I am running my Nighthawk R7800 X4s wireless router together with a Technicolor TG799 modem. The R7800 is the same as the D7800, but it does not have a modem built in so I need to use an external one. I bought the TG799, because people have recommended it on this forum as one of the most reliable modems out there.

The R7800 is currently set up in Router mode, but I tried Access Point mode as well previously. The TG799 has not been set into bridged mode, as I am using its 5GHz connection as fall back (the 2.4 is turned off) due to the drop offs.

The problem I am having is the occasional wi-fi drop offs daily. I am not sure why it is doing it, few times a day the LEDs of the R7800 just turn red and then a minute later the connection comes back up. Like the router resets itself couple of times a day. The TG799 stays on green. I am on FTTN connection in Australia.

What settings should I try to change? I've tried to change almost all of them already, but I cannot get a reliable router as an end result.

Any advice is much appreciated. If you suggest a much more reliable router for this setup, I will listen to that advice too. :)

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