r9000 voxel installing plex manually?

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I have been trying to get plex installed and to no avail.
is there a manual way with telnet to get it installed
the gui gets an unknown error at the bottom

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I still haven't got plex to install on my r9000 called tech support no level 2's there to help hopefully Monday

if you installed the new firmware you can still enable telnet using Chrome's inspect element and deleting- style="display:none"
There is also a lot of other goodies that show up when you remove this also
like beacon and Dtim intervals but you only have to remove- ; display:none
leave the quotes there
in the elements section hit ctrl f and search for display just arrow down until you see display:none
and remove they will auto show up on the browser, there is one in a script don't delete it as nothing happens

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