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Raid 01 NAS...sending back 323...

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New Around Here
Hi there everyone,

Well I'm in somewhat of a pickle. I had purchased the D-Link 323 so I could have a Raid 1-capable NAS solution. Not only that, but I bought 2 1.5TB drives to go with it (different purchase than the 323).
After hours of woes, about 2 hours with D-Link tech support (worthless...and can hardly even understand their english...), I'm convinced that the 323 is not for me, will take the loss in shipping, and send back the unit to the place-of-purchase.

So, now I have myself two brand-new 1.5TB drives...and no NAS for them to go in!

I'm really looking for suggestions here, as I'd like to have this whole issue behind me. I have a RAID 5 custom-built server, but I'm out of space on the thing, don't want to cough up 4 new drives...and don't want to have to run the thing 24/7 --> it eats up electricity, and sounds like a jet engine!

What I'm looking for is, really, just a 2-drive Raid 1 solution that is fairly quiet, media streamable, low on power, and RELIABLE. Bittorrent capability would be a huge plus, since I wouldn't have to have my actual system on while downloading. FTP / remote access would also be a huge plus. Some recommend the readyNAS duo...which i would be all for, if I didn't already have these drives...so a BYOD solution is pretty much essential at this point.
And honestly, I'm really trying not to break the bank on this one; the drives alone were expensive enough; the D-Link -- before I found out its horrible tendencies, was a nice price-point.

I was almost thinking about buying a firewire 800 (I'm both a Mac and PC user) Drobo, and getting the Drobo Share...but then again...the drobo would be an expensive RAID 5 purchase that would ALSO need the extra money for the drobo share unit. I know they just released some apps for it to add bittorrent capability, and might even [soon] have cabability for FTP stuff -- who knows. The plus of going the drobo route is that it sounds like it's fairly painless to manage (big plus...), has a lot of apps emerging for it, and is a BYOD solution. I could always start off with a RAID 1 config and upgrade to the RAID 5 configuration as I eventually purchase more drives...and then just sell off parts for my old server (which is a FULL tower case...having the smaller footprint of simply the drobo might be very nice). Does anybody have any info on the performance of the Drobo Share? Some say it's "slow" ... but I haven't heard any numbers. Does it support jumbo frames and such?

Oh, and by the way...if I go the raid 1 route with a 2-bay solution, the thing doesn't need to SCREAM in speed; I'd still have my custom server for the raid 5 stuff. The biggest burden I'd put on the raid 1 would likely be streaming HD; anything "heavy" and I'd likely use the raid 5 server.

Anyway, any recommendations or thoughts? Sorry...I know this is along-winded post...but I figure the more info I give you, the better. :)

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Hi John,
Sorry to hear about your predicament.
Why not try the Thecus 3-bay N3200 pro? It can run on RAID 1 & the price is good.
Mind telling me what went wrong with the DNS-323? Thinking of buying it.
Droboapps, while nice, are new and third party developed. Its new and I'd be cautious if you plan to rely on some of these apps. Reliability may suffer. Drobo even has a huge disclaimer regarding these Drobo Apps. They may turn out to be great, but give it time and let others test it out...

Check Drobo's support site and you'll notice they have disqualified Seagate's 1.5TB drives due to compatibility issues. This may be resolved in a future firmware, but currently its a no go.

Also note that Netgear (Readynas) and Synology have both disqualified the Seagate 1.5TB drives. No word yet on a fix and whether the fix needs to come from Seagate...

Think you may be SOL for the moment if you want to use your existing disks...
Hi John,

Why not try the Thecus 3-bay N3200 pro? It can run on RAID 1 & the price is good.

Mind telling me what went wrong with the DNS-323? Thinking of buying it.

Hi there! Thank you for the feedback. I am going to look in the Thecus, though I'm not currently finding too much on it, and it doesn't have a hard drive compatibility list currently listed... :(

I am returning the 323 because, if you search the internet, there is an ARMY of issues with the formatting...and reliability of Raid 1 setups. I never even got past formatting: If I put in 1 or 2 drives and tried to format them, it would always stop at 94%. I then looked up on google, and this is an ongoing issue that Dlink is failing to resolve. I even called their tech support and was on the line for 2+ hours...and their final suggestion? "Format your hard drives on another computer to erase the partition, and then try again..." Oh, and by the way...their english was so bad that I could hardly understand what they were saying. :(

So, basically, they were saying that the system can't even format the drive for me...and that even if it was working.....should I *really* trust my data to something like that? My biggest concern was if a drive failed, and I was in a rush to replace it, then I'd have to do that whole "other PC to partition the drive" thing...that just sounds bogus. Anyway, the drives were BRAND NEW, which made the whole partition thing seem a bit silly. Overall, it just made things seem a bit unreliable; if a drive was to die, I would want to drop in another drive and not WORRY -- many people have complained that when they replace a failed drive, it formats the GOOD drive! Not quite "peace of mind" in my opinion. ;)
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Thanks John, for the feedback.
I will definitely think twice about getting the D-link...
Thanks John, for the feedback.
I will definitely think twice about getting the D-link...

But just keep in mind that there's always two sides to a story...so in defense of the Dlink -- I'm sure there's plenty of happy users of it out there, too. My experience just didn't happen to be one of them. ;)
If you don't mind a little elbow grease...

If you don't mind a little elbow grease, get the MSI Wind Desktop barebones available from NewEgg: MSI Wind PC Intel 945GC 1 x 200Pin Intel GMA 950 Black Barebone - Retail

Add your disks and a 2GB stick of laptop memory and you've got a complete 2-bay linux box for around $175 including shipping.

I have one and love it. I'm not using RAID 1 yet (just a single Seagate 1.5TB drive), but it's rock solid with Ubuntu. Despite using only about 40 watts of power, it's a fully featured x86 linux box - setting up software raid should be easy (see the SmallNetBuilder article here). Just about anything available for Linux will run on it - bittorrent, samba, nfs, UPnP, FTP, sFTP, ssh, XBMC, VNC, etc etc. Even a fully hackable dedicated NAS will not be as capable as this system - the only thing I haven't gotten mine to do properly is output sound from the rear 8.1 channel audio jacks.

There is a single 80mm fan for the whole system - no CPU or motherboard fan, all passively cooled - so it's dead quiet and I have no temp problems. It's been running for about a week so far with no problems. I highly recommend.


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