RAM full, Wifi crash, what can I do?

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While using Skype for video conferences my AC86U's Wifi keeps crashing atfer some time - sometimes it takes half an hour, sometimes only a few minutes. Wifi is gone then, neither my laptop or the smartphone can find the SSID anymore. I have to plug out and in the router to make the Wifi appear again.

I found out the RAM is quite packed all the time - see the attached image, no matter whether or not Skype is running. I assume this RAM usage might be a reason for the problem. I used AMTM to install a few extra programs. I hoped the HTOP-command would help me identify the RAM-culprit, but to me the MEM-column look good, see the screenshot.

What hints do you guys have? How can I narrow down the problem? Why is my RAM so packed?



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Do you have a swap file or partition set up on a thumbdrive?


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Yes, I used AMTM to create a swap file on an external ext2-formatted USB drive attached to the router. I did so because I can remember some of the AMTM programms recommended setting up a swap file.


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What other scripts are you running via amtm or standalone?

The absolute amount of RAM that is shown 'free' isn't a problem by itself, btw. Linux manages RAM very well on its own and is tuned to use it fully as needed.

I would recommend using Ext4 with journaling on the USB drive instead, but that shouldn't be causing your issues either though.


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Personally, I would remove all scripts and see if Skype works for you. If it does, then add things back in one at a time until you find whichever one is causing your issues (if any). But, always start with the basic scenario for testing.

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