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Random cutting out of all internet, ISP says its probably my router (Asus rt-ax82u) (have system logs)

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Starting a few days ago the same day my router had a firmware upgrade, my internet as a whole (2.4g 5g and ethernet) all go out for a few seconds every so often. i have the system logs from after the last time this happened and im wondering if anyone can do me the favor of doing a quick look at them and letting me know if they see anything that may be helpful when it comes to solving the issue. i did factory reset the router and it has seemed to help the issue as its only happened 2 times today compared to yesterday when it was every 2-5 minutes. (let it be noted my router does not crash or restart, its like a halt of all connection)


  • syslog (4).txt
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If you loaded a previously saved config file, factory reset again, reboot, then manually configure the router with just your basic needs and run it for a while.
Otherwise, revert to the previous version and contact support
let it be noted my router does not crash or restart, its like a halt of all connection
Start 'isolation' diagnostics...

Next time you loose internet, disconnect ethernet cable from modem to router. Do not turn ether device off. Then, by ethernet cable, connect PC or Mac (or other computer) directly to your modem. Reboot your computer while ethernet cable is connected to your modem.

You may need to change your computer' NIC to the modem subnet - depends on computer OS and DHCP setup.

If you are still not able to connect to the internet, then the problem is either your modem or ISP.

If, when your computer is directly connected by ethernet cable to your modem and you get internet, the problem is your router.

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