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Raspberry Pi 3 WiFi - TurboQAM Support

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Might have been below the radar scope of many, but finding TurboQAM clients can be a challenge...

The Pi 3 includes the BCM43438 WiFi/BT combo chip - while it's single stream, and 20MHz only, it supposedly supports TurboQAM for a 96Mbps bandwidth at the PHY...

Anyone with a Broadcom based AC1900-class BHR with Turbo support try this?

The other interesting tidbit in the Broadcom driver included with the Raspian Jessie kernel...

I'll need to dig a bit into this one, but I thought I would share... I know what it is - WiFi Direct, but I'm not seeing the upper layer stuff in the kernel - that's why it's interesting...

        Tag: Vendor Specific: Wi-FiAll: P2P
            Tag Number: Vendor Specific (221)
            Tag length: 17
            OUI: 50-6f-9a
            Vendor Specific OUI Type: 9
            P2P Capability: Device 0x25  Group 0x0
                Attribute Type: P2P Capability (2)
                Attribute Length: 2
                Device Capability Bitmap: 0x25
                .... ...1 = Service Discovery: 0x1
                .... ..0. = P2P Client Discoverability: 0x0
                .... .1.. = Concurrent Operation: 0x1
                .... 0... = P2P Infrastructure Managed: 0x0
                ...0 .... = P2P Device Limit: 0x0
                ..1. .... = P2P Invitation Procedure: 0x1
                Group Capability Bitmap: 0x00
                .... ...0 = P2P Group Owner: 0x0
                .... ..0. = Persistent P2P Group: 0x0
                .... .0.. = P2P Group Limit: 0x0
                .... 0... = Intra-BSS Distribution: 0x0
                ...0 .... = Cross Connection: 0x0
                ..0. .... = Persistent Reconnect: 0x0
                .0.. .... = Group Formation: 0x0
            Listen Channel: Operating Class 81  Channel Number 1
                Attribute Type: Listen Channel (6)
                Attribute Length: 5
                Country String: US\004
                Operating Class: 81
                Channel Number: 1
BTW - if you want to find your PI's on the LAN... use ARP...

arp -a | grep b8:27:eb | grep -Eo '[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}'

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