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I'm having an issue with the RAX120 with erratic speeds. I'm on a 1gig/1gig connection, and sometimes all my devices are running at full speed, and other times they are around 2-300 Mbit range... Running in bridge mode is extremely slow and I'm limited to the 2-300 range. (So I stay in NAT/Router mode) Tests done with good RSSI and getting closer does not improve speeds.

I've telnet'd in, verified QoS is off, heck I've flushed the QoS iptables table when it starts acting up and it doesn't seem to help so it must not be QoS. Sometimes reboots help, sometimes they don't. I don't know where to go on erratic behavor like this?


I suspect it might be because of multiple devices cause it to dip. For example, one iphone has a video call going or watching youtube. Doesn't seem like that would be enough to drop it from 7-800 to 2-300? Maybe I should take it back while I can?
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Enable qos and set manual 1000/1000 see if that helps

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Did you tried that . Any progress

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Just curious, but are you using WAN aggregation?

Netgear uses software to provide link aggregation capabilities in all their consumer routers. This means the router uses it main CPU to make LAGs work. To be fair, it's rare to find any router (consumer or otherwise) that provides WAN aggregation capabilities using hardware. Switches, on the other hand, are the exact opposite... they use hardware capable of performing LAG duties at the hardware-level all the while doing so at wire speed ;)

I have turned off WAN aggregation on all the RAX120's I've deployed otherwise performance is severely adversely affected.

I'd recommend anyone with gigabit Internet use the multi-gig 5G/2.5G/1G ethernet port for WAN duties partnered with something like the Motorola MB8611 that also has a multi-gig 2.5G/1G ethernet port if possible.
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