RAX120 v2

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To those who have a RAX120 v2, does it actually say 'V2' anywhere on the router and/or router settings? I've just had a RAX120 delivered today from the Netgear UK store and was expecting this to be V2 but it simply says 'RAX120' everywhere, there's no mention of V2 anywhere. However I managed to upgrade to firmware using the v2 fw....so maybe I do have the V2 after all? I'm utterly confused....



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V1 vs. V2

The very quick way of checking if it is a RAX120 v2 is to check if you have FCC ID on the bottom of your device - old RAX120 v1 doesn't have it


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Oh bummer :( I was sent a V1 then. Anyhoo its going back for a refund as wifi range on it wasn't as good as my RAX200.



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Mine has all that and its a version 1 as its a few years old. I believe it says v2 in the GUI also depending where you are in the world the model number would change, it would say RAX120-200NAS for NA or RAX120-200EUS for Europe. From what I know the v2 router will have no outward facing changes to the customer, so no UL OFDMA or BSS or TWT, in fact I think the RAX200 is the only router to have that. wi-fi range on mine is great by the way. I would be more interested when the price drops in a RAXE500 if anything now. When I asked sales I was told they dont have any V2 units, well not in the UK at least.

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