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RAX200 NVRAM commit does not keep values after reboot via telnet

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Hi All,

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

I was able to enable telnet on the RAX200 with the new telnet.py script. I have access to the nvram but I am having the problem that the changes I make directly to nvram are overwritten after a reboot or even if I click on the apply on the WebUI.
e.g. I have changed wl0_dtim value using nvram set then I confirm the value with nvram get wl0_dtim and it is correct. Then I issue nvram commit and reboot the router just to see the values to go back to the default/previous value.

I tried changing the ssid name and same results, back to the original value. I tried nvram save, nvram savefile with same disappointing results.

And of course in order for the nvram changes to take effect I need to reboot the router which takes me back to square one.

Anyone who can provide a hint or solution, really appreciate it.

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