RBK 50 and VLANs

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New Around Here
Greetings. New to the forum and did some searching for an answer but nothing jumped out so here goes.

Just bought RBK50 with one satellite. Resolves all my speed, signal strength, and overall WiFi reliability issues so happy about that. Right now, simple out of the box config with Netgear firmware and using wireless backhaul.

Where I want to get is adding some new SSIDs and to VLAN everything so I end up with:

-- VLAN 10 - home computers, printers, NAS, combination of wired and wireless (dedicated SSID @ 5GHz only)
-- VLAN 20 - streaming (TVs, phones, etc), Wifi only, dedicated SSID @ 5GHz
-- VLAN 30 - IoT (WiFi switches, dimmers, other), WiFi only, dedicated SSID @ 2.4 GHz
-- VLAN 40 - Guest network, WiFi only @2.4 or 5GHz

Seems like OpenWRT can do all this with hardware support. Anyone done this already or something similar?
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