Voxel [RBK50] Wired Daisy Chain Backhaul 2 RBS50


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I have a RBK50 set (RBR50 and 2 RBS50) currently with V9. voxel firmware and given the configuration of my new home I'll need to daisy chain (cat6 wired) 2 RBS50. Sort of like this:

RBR50 -[CAT6]- RBS50 -[CAT6]- RBS50

But I couldn't find a clear guide (here or on other forums) on how to do it. My main questions are:
  • Any LAN port will do for connecting both RBS50?
  • Is there any config I need to do on the admin GUI (Reserve IP, any special toggle)
  • If I need to add 2 more RBS50 (these connected/wired directly to RBR50) will the daisy chain have any negative effect?
Thanks for the help!


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Any LAN port will do.

No config is required on the main router.

If you have a chain 4 RBS50 deep, the only negative is the 1GbE connections and where high throughput devices are deployed/used. Depending on how the network is actually used though, it may never be seen as an issue for you.

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