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RC-AC88U DDNS Issues

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New Around Here
Hi there.
Im not super technical when it comes to networking, but I have been using AsusWRT-Merlin for the last few years without issue. I'm currently using it on my RT-AC88U.

The first and only issue I experienced was immediately after updating to the latest 386.9 firmware.
Immediately after updating, I noticed that there was an exclamation mark above my DDNS address (asuscomm) on the dashboard. I figured something may have gone wrong with the update, so I turned DDNS off and saved and then activated DDNS with a brand new hosname and generated a new letsencrypt certificate at the same time. The new DDNS shows on the dashboard but still has the exclamation mark. DDNS status shows "Request error! Please try again." and the certificate status is frozen on "authorizing".

I flashed back to the previous merlin version, and the DDNS seemed to work fine again, so I figured there was an error during the upgrade and flashed back to 386.9 again. Unfortunately, the same issue occurred. Unfortunately, it seems that no matter what I try, I'm unable to get DDNS working on 386.9.

Is this a known bug, or if not, does anybody know what could be causing this to only happen on 386.9?

Thank you.


Part of the Furniture
Is this a known bug, or if not, does anybody know what could be causing this to only happen on 386.9?

Please, report Asuswrt-Merlin 386.9 related issues in the release thread:



New Around Here
Thank you for the reply. I actually managed to figure out the issue. Whenever I updated to the latest firmware, it was automatically enabling an IPV6 toggle switch under the DDNS settings, which was causing issues with my DDNS. Once I disabled that and saved the configuration, it worked fine.
Thank you for the reply.

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