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RDP over VPN confusion

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I've a question about remote access via VPN connection, when i connect to my home network via VPN connection i can access only the VPN server remotelly, cannot ping other machines on the network, i think i've something wrong with my current LAN configuration, my VPN server isn't the gateway, my current LAN layout is as shown in the picture:


So, is there anything i could do through "routing and remote access" console?..or change the network arrangement?

What is doing your actual VPN host service if it's not the router...the Windows server using native RRAS? Or a 3rd party like Hamachi?
Thank you for being concerned, im using server 2003 "Routing and Remote Assistance" for VPN configuration, no third party, so could what i want to happen be possible?!, or use ISA server or what?!..by the way my Router is a bit hard to use it as a VPN virtual server
The built in VPN service with server 2003 really isn't worth messing with. It's more trouble to get working than it's worth. It's really ment to be a device to device tunnel and not user-to-network.

I would suggest installing something like SSL Explorer. That's what I used until I picked up a Cisco ASA. It's works really well, it's free, and has a very small footprint.

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