Re-purpose of streamboost into a crude cron on R7800

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FYI: If you are using Kamoj's great addon you don't need this at all.

I have used what I'm about to describe for over six months now with great success.
I like to disable everything I don't use on my R7800 to stop it running, see this thread for more detailed information.
The existing streamboost is one of the process set to never run again, this *must* be the case to use this replacement..

That being said, the R7800 works VERY hard to ensure that the standard cron job is *always* the following:
40 03 * * * streamboost update_fmn; streamboost auto_upload; streamboost auto_update && streamboost restart

I have been working on a strange reboot issue with my R7800 and have been frequently (re)installing Voxel firmware of various versions
as I tested. I have aegis installed and originally would refresh the blocklists by hand every few days.
But knowing the R7800's insistence of running it's job at 3:40am I decided to use this to my advantage.

Below is the streamboost script I use now, which I have on a usb and auto-copied back onto the router via an automount script.
(currently found in /etc/init.d on Voxel's and later)

# a small streamboost replacement to act as a tiny cron
# 1) i don't need to use the actual streamboost
# 2) i am currently not installing kamoj (which I love. just using k.i.s.s. principal testing for now)

if [ $1 == $aStep ]
   echo "called first by r7800 cron" >/dev/null

elif [ $1 == $bStep ]
   echo "called second by r7800 cron" >/dev/null

elif [ $1 == $cStep ]
   #echo "called third by r7800 cron" >/dev/null
   aegis refresh

elif [ $1 == $dStep ]
   echo "called fourth by r7800 cron" >/dev/null

Each of the four steps called by the default cron job are specified.
I use the third step to have aegis refesh it's rules lists for me.
I post this here should anyone else find it useful.

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