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ASUS will release official beta firmware and update bug status in the discussion zone. The primary goals of this project are providing beta firmware before offical release, to fix bugs and tune new features from your comments.

Beta Version
We wil give number 9 at the first number for beta releasing.

Normal Release: RT-AC87U_3.0.0.4_378_8825-g79cb7d9.trx
Beta Release : RT-AC87U_9.0.0.4_378_8825-g79cb7d9.trx

Release Title
  1. [Beta] RT-AC87U beta firmware release
  2. [Open Issue] Inform you an open issue with ASUSWRT
  3. [New function] Beta release for a new function

[FAQ] How to feedback & update unofficial beta firmware?

It is recommended that you mark new threads by specifying the function tab to which they refer, for easier identification. For example:

[Network Map] client status can’t show any client list
[Others] if you don’t know this issue is belong to which tab, you can use others.

And we also want to know these informations:

1. State your firmware version
2. Did you done factory reset after update: Yes/No
3. Provide print screen of the issue or system log file.
4. Provide device brand, model, driver, firmware.... etc


1. RT-AC87U firmware
2. Did you done factory reset after update: Yes
3. Bugs: Missing "Switch Frequency" button when WPS is on.

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