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I have a question regarding rebooting the Rt-AC87U. I always reboot my router using the asus software. I log into the router and click reboot. It takes about 60 seconds. I do this periodically too speed things up. I’m going to be away for an extended period of time (no, not prison, I’m not going to be away THAT long haha, just a holiday) and I’m wondering if unplugging the router, waiting 30 seconds and then plugging it back in would be the same as rebooting it. I’m pretty sure it is but I wanted to confirm. It’s easier to tell the family to just unplug it of things go wonky than to show them how to log in.

Thanks, I hope this is an easy one!
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Yes, as long there's no USB disk plugged to it, otherwise you run the risk of corrupting its content.


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Unplugging and plugging back in, if no USB is mounted, is a more reliable method than doing a soft reboot anyway. My 3200 would get in states that I could not recover from without unplugging it.

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So what's this about rebooting regularly to speed up performance? Is this really needed?

Ideally, it shouldn't be needed. But Windows machines are not the only ones that get a boost by rebooting.

Depending on your network usage, your devices and the options enabled on your router, you may or may not see an appreciable difference.

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