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Some friends of mine are looking for me to recommend a router for them. I will recommend Asus as it's what I'm most familiar working with.

The issue they seem to have is they have a giant stone fireplace that basically cuts their home in half. They are using a Bell supplied modem that has built in wifi. The side of the house the Modem is on works ok... (Netflix ect) The other side of the stone fireplace hardly works. the signal strength sucks, Nefflix keep dropping out ect.

So I'm assuming what they need is a router that will perform better than the Bell supplied modem?

They said they tried repeaters or boosters and they just seemed to mess with the network making the good side of the house unstable also. So they quickly pulled them out.

I was going to recommend the stable RT-AC68U. Having said that I thought I would ask here first. Is there a different Asus model that you would recommend that is able to send out a stronger wifi signal that may handle that stone fireplace better than the 68U?

Thanks for any advice or input you may have to offer.


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You should suggest to them to use a wired AP instead for the other side of the fireplace.

There is no router available that will transcend the laws of physics.

The RT-AC68U is a very good choice. If they have access to a BestBuy, the RT-AC1900P may prove to be even better (higher performance processor) for very little extra money.

For much less money and depending on how big the area that is needed to be covered on the other side of the fireplace, consider the equally capable (as the RT-AC68U) RT-AC56U instead as a wired AP. Can be found on sale in the $50 range, but even at $100 it is still a great router.

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