Recommendation for AiMesh setup with new AX86U (versus TP-Link Deco)

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Hi Everyone, I just setup a new RT-AX86U in my office where we need 3 APs to cover. Additionally I setup 2 old Deco M4 units in AP mode (via wired backhaul) with the same SSID (2.4+5ghz) and am having issues with our Apple Watches which only use 2.4ghz dropping connectivity. On the Deco units I have no control over the channels.

Question - Assuming I'm on a budget and don't need AX everywhere (other than where the AX86U reaches) would I be better off getting a couple of older Asus routers that support AiMesh compared to the current setup (Asus + 2 Deco APs)? Pros/Cons? What do you recommend (I was thinking RT-AC68Us)? Thanks in advance


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AC68U is good enough, i was running 3 AC68U for all my 3 Mesh point but I upgraded to AX88U for free when i recontract with my provider.



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Welcome to the forums @madak.

How big is the office in SqFt? A single RT-AX86U can cover an exceptionally large area.

4x AP's may be 'too much Wi-Fi' in your office, for very little benefits.

Have you tried using the RT-AX86U on its own? Can you relocate it to a more central position within your office space to cover the area more easily?

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