Recommended 8 LAN Port Router For Sky Gigafast

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Paul Short

Occasional Visitor
Hi All

Quick query that I'm hoping to get an answer to.

Can any of you kind folk tell me if there are any 8 gigabit LAN port routers that work with Sky UK broadband? Preferrably the router would have a 1.8GHz quad core CPU as well.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Part of the Furniture
either roll your own with a SFF PC and open or pfsense or use a regular router supporting VLANs with an 8 port level 3 managed switch.


Very Senior Member
Any regular router should work and then just get an unmanaged switch with as many ports as you need. This is why most routers only have 4 ports--no need to have more since that's a switch's job. ;)

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