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Reducing power consumption of the RT-AC88U

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New Around Here

Apologies in advance from a newcomer who was not successful with the search function.

I noted my RT-AC88U is pulling 30 W on normal usage. It is clear to me that it has to pull power, but 30 W strike me as a bit too much, so I started wondering about ways to cut down power consumption.

The only thing I do so far is shut it down when I leave home for the workday, hoping the on/off switch will not die on me any time soon.

I looked in the router local web setup page, but found nothing I could tweak. Just for reference, my Synology box has an on/off schedule function, which is very practical: I have it on only in the evenings and weekends, when I am home.

Another thing I was thinking of, is a 433 MhZ power plug to switch power on/off on demand (either manually or with my soon-to-exist Raspberry Pi with RF emitter/transmitter system). This would be easier on the on/off button with hopefully no other shortcoming in terms of router longevity.

Any hints will be most welcome!

Thanks in advance and a merry residual weekend!
Routers/switches are designed to be left on 27/7, that's why they don't have a "shutdown" function.

Constantly powering off and on the router will cause unnecessary wear and tear on the components as they cool down and heat up. So you will probably be shortening the life of the router.

You also risk corrupting the contents of NVRAM and any attached USB storage devices.
Thanks for the prompt (and pedagogical!) reply.

Also, keeping it continuously on at 0.15 EUR/kWh in my area comes (unless error on my side) at about 3.24 EUR/month or roughly 40 EUR/year. Non-zero, but low enough anyway.

I noted my RT-AC88U is pulling 30 W on normal usage. It is clear to me that it has to pull power, but 30 W strike me as a bit too much, so I started wondering about ways to cut down power consumption.

Have you taken a look at "Tx Power Adjustment" under Advanced Settings, Wireless, for the 2.4 and 5GHz bands?
Help says "Tx power adjustment for TPC (Transmit Power Control) and power saving"

My RT-AC88U (default) is set at full i.e. "Performance"

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Makes me think of ones who care about MPG figures first when purchasing an automobile. Me? Who cares, I just get what I want, LOL!
Currently we pay 6.5 cents/Kwh Our router runs 24/7/365, entertainment system, appliances are either on or on stand-by mode.
TxPower Adjustment has been disabled or buggy since long time as far as I know, only slider left in GUI.
Just tested it again and now seemed to work, about 10dB decrease in 2,5dB steps.
But dont think there will be any relevant power saving as Txpower is limited to max. <1/2W.
Only turn off Wifi will save about 5W (what the chips need, not transmitted power saving).

My RT-AC86U needs about 9-11W and with radio turned off 4,7W.
And my RT-AC68U needs 11-12W and 6,6W without radio.
You can turn off LEDs to safe some more mW, but of course no difference in measurement at all.
That all measured if my powermeter works reliable in this low range with switched mode power supply what I assume.
BTW power adapters used for both are the same with max. output 33W (19V@1,75A), max rated input will be more.
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Hi! Sorry about the delay, had the pleasure of traveling for work...

Grisu: You are absolutely right. I quoted the wrong number: had just bought a wattmeter, measured various appliances at home, and ended up quoting numbers for what presumably was my laptop power supply. Sorry about this. I measured again (now more focused) and I get 15.6 W with WiFi on, no difference with LEDs on/off, and 11.2 W with WiFi off.

Natey2: oops, didn't see the Tx power adjustment option under Advanced -> Wireless (and checking in the various tabs therein), I guess in line with what Grisu mentioned.

Thanks once again for the guidance, ColinTaylor, Grisu and Natey2. I learned something! Yay! :)

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