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I registered my first GT-AX6000 just fine a couple of weeks ago. Now I got a second one but I am not able to register it under my account.

I entered the serial number correctly 100% and even tried a few methods substituting the 1 with an I or the 0 with a O but I am sure when I am entering is correct as I see the 1's look different than the I.

Asus customer support is your next stop.
Asus customer support is your next stop.
I emailed ASUS customer support, but since they didn't reply (I know it's only been one day) I called ASUS Dubai. The agent I spoke to was rude and sounded like he didn't wanna work. I explained the issue and he said there is nothing he can do and I needed to send an email with screenshots detailing the issue. I told him I did that then he told me to just wait.

Anyway, today, I just thought of searching for "register ASUS product" on Google and got a different URL which I've never tried before >>>> https://www.asus.com/support/Product/APRP/?lang=1033

It looked like a different page, so I entered my router's serial number and the fields below it automatically were filled (ie. Router, GT-AX6000). Then I simply selected the date of purchase and it got registered.

I then checked my account on the website I was trying to register on before ( https://account.asus.com/myproducts.aspx ) and now my router is registered!

I hope this helps if anyone was facing the same issue.

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On the other hand, I never register anything. I don't want my name/info being tracked to the products I buy/use (some, for just a limited time).

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