[Release] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.13 is now available

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Hear, hear! I'm not exactly looking forward to the ASUS GPL that comes with 384.14. I've not read any feel-good posts about those stock versions. I'd love a 384.13_2 build like the 87U and 3200 got. I'm thinking there may not be anything stopping us from building our own off the 383.13_x branch for any non-AX88 model.

Either way, 384.13 is safe harbor for anyone having issues in the future. Remember the people worried that 384.13 would be bad luck before it was released? That curse went to iOS 13 instead. :)


I'm at 87 days uptime on .13 in router mode its been solid.


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57 days and counting on my ac86u.

I disabled implicit and explicit beamforming on my 2.4ghz band that i think was causing some diaconects and has been rock solid since that change. I hope 384.14 is the same.


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Just the reboot itself that must have helped, since the list of changes mostly consists of bug fixes

The router had been powered off/on several times recently due to building work, it only changed after flashing this latest firmware.

Whatever the reason the AC3200 is working perfectly so thanks again for your efforts :).


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Dec 13 08:09:10 acsd: COEX: downgraded chanspec 0x1909 to 0x100b: channel 4 used by exiting BSSs
Dec 13 08:09:10 acsd: selected channel spec: 0x100b (11)
Dec 13 08:09:10 acsd: Adjusted channel spec: 0x100b (11)

Seeing this all the time in my log using 384.13 on a AC88U. Anybody know what it is?


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It's because you are showing the router to use an auto channel

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I am setting up the Asus RT-AX88U, a few questions:
- Wifi Radar page tools do not work, not sure if I do not understand how to use them. Only my router shows up, nothing else.
- Should I use IP6?
- Enable DoS protection is off in Firewall, but its on in AIProtect. Is that ok/normal?


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Nothing, do I have to set channel and bandwidth first?
Makes no difference. Only net I see is my own, and I know from the mobile phone scanner there are several here.


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You must let it start logging first.


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I tried .14 on my 88U and got lots of issues from some devices. The worst was Xiaomi Aqara Hub. It kept loosing connection all the time. And when it connected the app keep putting up a warning that WiFi connection is very bad. Putting back previous version .13 made everything perfect again. Anyone with the same issues with WiFi?

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I am new here, and first, I would like to praise Rmerlin for his great work with Asus routers.
I am always amazed at how some people devote their personal time to share projects like this firmware developpment.

After many readings of the https://routersecurity.org/ blog, where I learnt many things, I decided to replace my ISP router + 2 Airport Extreme AP with a proper router.
First, I bought a Synology RT 2600 AC. Great interface and I know they are pretty serious with updates.
Unfortunately, the router does not support hardware management for openVPN client (discovered it at my own expense).
Therefore I returned it and took instead an Asus router as it seems they are also serious with firmware update (at least more than the other consumer brands).
A nice AX92U.
openVPN is hardware supported, wifi 6 capable (at this stage eventhough it does not mean much yet)...
But after some tweaking, I can see that Asuswrt is not able to make some devices on the network to use the openVPN tunnel...and the others not...
Which Asus-Merlin can do....

Now, time to ask my question :)
I know that RMerlin has already said that the AX92U was not a very popular model worth his time to adapt asus-merlin for.
However, it is now sold as a single device and not only with a bundle of 2, at a reasonable price (got it at 223 EUR on Amazon).
@RMerlin: before I return my AX92U to order an AX88U, is there a chance you reconsider your position and offer support for this model sooner or later, or should I go straight to the AX88U (which is 100 EUR more costly than the AX92U) ?
I thank you in advance for your answer!


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is there a chance you reconsider your position and offer support for this model sooner or later,

Not in the short term, no. I don't have one.


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I received my AX88U last tuesday...; immediately flashed with Merlin!
It's really great!!!
Many options to tinker with. I like the possibility to edit the IP binding settings after creation or to sort them by any order I want...
I have been able to route selectively my Apple TV through the VPN... :)
I also have installed Diversion in replacement of my PiHole set-up..

Big thanks guys, you rock!!
Now time to go to the donation page :)


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Right, it's a special mesh package only available in a few limited markets, not a "standard" model. Too limited to be worth devoting the time and effort in supporting.
Dear Merlin. There are a lot of posts in this forums related with Ax92u, which means that perhaps it could be considered as "standard model". I purchased a single unit as standard, not as mesh.
Please consider developing your amazing custom firmware for this model, please.
Thank you.
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