[Release] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.17 (and 384.13_8) are now available

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Asuswrt-Merlin dev
Asuswrt-Merlin 384.17 (current models) and 384.13_8 (legacy models) are currently available.

I decided to issue this quick release due to recent security release for OpenSSL, and the fact that I don't expect to be ready for another major release for all models for quite some time. And since I was too lazy to branch out for a minor point release this should normally have been, I simply went ahead and pushed what work had already been done into this major release.

This release primarily focuses on component update (OpenSSL 1.1, OpenVPN, curl, nano and dnsmasq). A pair of minor fixes were also included for the DHCP static lease page, and the firmware header for the RT-AC88U, RT-AC3100 and RT-AC5300 were also modified to work around a version check bug present in newer Asus releases (like the RT-AC88U 384_81790), where it would refuse to apply an Asuswrt-Merlin firmware image claiming it failed validation.

Please keep discussions to this specific release. This thread will get locked down after a few weeks once the release-specific feedback will have died down.

Downloads are here.
Changelog is here.


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Just upgraded thank you.

P.S I like the small change your made to the internet traffic meter.
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Asuswrt-Merlin dev
P.S I like the small change your made to the internet traffic meter.

Thanks. It's something I had in mind during the initial development, but simply decided to put aside at the time and focus on the rest of the release instead. It's not perfect tho, I need to adjust the spacing to match the CPU meter below.

John Adler

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I just finished a dirty update on my rt-ac68u from 384.16 - 384.17
all seems fine
thanks merlin
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Curl's smtp support was fixed.
This is fixed, working. Thank you :D
Apr 26 08:01:41 (sendmail.sh): 2643 client3-route-up interface tun11: vpnup mail have been sent. vpn-server => vpn08 malmo
Apr 26 08:01:42 (sendmail.sh): 2733 client1-route-up interface tun13: vpnup mail have been sent. vpn-server => vpn24 kista


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Dirty Flash 384.17 over 384.17_beta1 on my AiMesh Router (RT-AX88U) + 2x AiMesh Nodes (RT-AC86U) with stock FW, all seems good:
  • Stable Wifi: Using Fixed WiFi Control Channel & bandwidth (2.4GHz: Ch 11 20MHz, 5.0GHz: Ch 149 80MHz)
  • GUI Configuration: AiProtection, Asus DDNS (Let's Encrypt), OpenVPN Server (working with Tunnelblick (macOS Catalina) & OpenVPN Connect (iOS 13))
  • Scripts - Amtm, Diversion, Skynet, connmon, Unbound_Manager
Thank You RMerlin:)

  • Run for a few hours without issue with Dirty flashing
  • I have just done full Factory Reset and reconfiguration just like to report that all seems to be running well:)
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Did a dirty flash on a AC68U from .16 to .17 beta1. Went smooth.
Tested the OpenVPN with Openvpn connect for Android. Works fine with a speed of 24Mbps.
Use OpenVPN together with DDNS with a Pixelsrv CA.

Question: The Unbound DNS cache was cleared. Was that to be expected after doing the update?

ONEPLUS 5T with Tapatalk
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Smooth update on 87u to 384.13_8
Thanks RMerlin :)


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Upgraded from 384.16 on both routers. Everything running smoothly.
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Dirty Flash 384.17 over 384.17_beta1 & Dirty Flash 384.17 over 384.16. All is fine in the desert


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Thanks Merlin, no problems going from beta1 to final, great work :)


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Dirty flash from 384.16. No issues so far. RT-AX88U, amtm, unbound Manager, spdMerlin, scMerlin, nsrum, 2 x OpenVPN servers with TAP interface.

Thank you, @RMerlin!
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