Remote Access UI is slow when using VPN


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I have established two ways to access remotely my RT-AC5300 router with merlin fw 386.3_2.

First method is to forward ports 80 and 443, to my nginx server with a domain name and access the router UI.

The second way is to use the OpenVPN server on the router and connect to that VPN then access the UI.

Using the nginx, the response is very fast and the pages load very quickly.

However, using VPN I have horrible speed just to load the main screen.

The router CPU is around 20 percent so I am not bottlenecked by CPU due to VPN encryption.
Since the UI is very fast through nginx, it is also not a problem of an upload speed.

What could be the problem and is there a way to speed this up? Any ideas or help pls?

My VPN server settings are below:



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Consider hosting the OpenVPN server on the same machine as the nginx server. Sometimes the router simply isn't ideal for certain services.


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Yes, the CPU (specifically AES support) is the main reason.

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